Marjo Mitsutomi

phone: (703) 939-3415 / email: / website: / location: Ashburn, VA

phone: (703) 939-3415
location: Providence, RI

Ball State University
Doctor of Philosophy
Applied Linguistics
2020-2023In Progress
Ball State University
Master of Arts
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
2012 - 20131 year
Anderson University
Bachelor of Arts Major: English, Minor: German; Indiana Secondary Teaching Certificate
2008 - 20124 years
Newburgh Theological Seminary
Doctor of Theology
2016 - 20182 years
SKILLS (Not in a specific order)
Written and oral communication in Finnish and English
Public speaking
Crosscultural communication
Conversational Japanese and German
Piano and singing performance
Promotional material creation
Administrative oversight
Conference organizing)
Networking with stakeholders
Leadership and management
Teamplayer and collaborator
Independent Learning
Social Research
Cultural Proficiencies
Lived, worked, and/or studied in:
The Midwest, Westcoast, Eastcoast2015 - 201817 years
Japan2002< 1 year
Finland2004 - 20053 years
Germany2005 - 20061 year
Nebraska2006 - 20082 years
Minnesota2008 - 20125 years
Japan2012 - 20153 years
Papers and Presentations (Creator & Presenter)
Using Microsoft Office Effectively
Meeting the Google Productivity Suite
R for Luddites
R for the Social Sciences
R for Business
The Internet: Inception to Invaluable
Productivity Tools for School: From Student to Tenure
Work Experience

Family Law Software

2018-CURRENT1 year (Current)

Tech Support

  • Technical Support: E-mail & phone (Tier 1-2)
  • Website development (Content, editing, DNS)
  • Internal system migration to Google Suite Business
  • System Administrator for GSuite Business
  • Product documentation production
  • Create Multi-site WordPress Deployment

The Sisu Advantage

2015 - 20184 years (Current)

Technology & Operations Director

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 1-3)
  • Create website and registration system
  • Work with employees to enhance back-end experience
  • Scripting for system automation / Web Scraping
  • Create documentation for employees (Internal wiki)
  • At conferences: manage staff, host workshops, setup/take-down tech

IAFOR: The International Academic Forum

2013 - 20152.5 years

Technology & Operations Manager

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 2-3)
  • Create and maintain IT infrastructure (Website, Database, App, Hardware)
  • Create documentation
  • Video production
  • Maintain and deploy machine images
  • Hire, train, supervise technology team (5 members)
  • At conferences: head of operations, interview attendees on conference experience, and manage all technology

IAFOR: The International Academic Forum

2012 - 20131 year

Technology & Operation Systems Auditor (Consultant)

  • Audit organizational operations and IT infrastructure
  • Consult with CEO/COO on suggested changes for operations and technology
  • Build intranet infrastructure (Central Database, Internal Applications, Hardware upgrade)
  • Create protocols for staff at conferences for operations and technology
  • Redesign website and migrate to modern framework
  • Automate inforamtion systems

Akita International University

2012 - 20131 year

Senior I.T. Helpline Specialist & Consultant

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 1-3)
  • Serve as IT liaison to the president of the university
  • Provide training for faculty in use of classroom technology (i.e. SmartBoards)
  • School server maintenance
  • Create documentation
  • Create and Deploy images to campus machines
  • Teach the Intro to Computation Course (req. for all first year students)
  • Host a series of workshops for students and faculty on various subjects

Gustavus Adolphus College

2008 - 20123 years

Helpline & Field Specialist

  • Technical Support: E-mail, phone, in-person (Tier 1-2)
  • Work with individual faculty on developing specific technology solutions or support for their teaching and research
  • Image campus machines
  • Consult with the full-time staff on new technologies, platforms, and software which would help faculty, the department, and the school
Other Professional Experiences
Beta-tester for software; Apple Inc.2007 - 201811 years
Beta-tester for software and hardware; Google2010 - 20188 years
Guest Lecturer (with honorarium) - Akita International University
Masters Level; Data Science as a Communication Tool in a Globalizing World
2014 - 20151 year
Co-lecturer - Akita International University
Undergraduate level; Introduction to Computation
1 year
Completed Grant: Patial and Statistical Properties of Linguistic Isolation2009
Private Contract Work
Build and/or update websites
Advanced Wordpress
SEO and site optimization
Social media configuration and administration
Data forensics and recovery
Website data scraping
Data reconfiguration and cleaning
Data analysis
Database creation or administration