FAMILY FINANCE in the Age of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is, first and foremost, a health crisis, so please remain informed and cautious in these troubling times.  However, it also can become a crisis along other dimensions as well – for some, a prolonged stay-at-home edict creates a psychological crisis; for others, keeping a small business afloat creates a managerial crisis.  Our focus is on helping you prevent this traumatic period from becoming a personal finance crisis for you, your family, or loved ones.

Capital Community Church (CCC) is pleased to offer a financial education program, open to all.  The goals are to place current financial market behavior in historical context, consider public policy responses and their likely consequences, and to imagine likely alternative financial futures.  The hope is that such considerations will help you resist impulsive financial decisions under stress, provide a framework for reimagining retirement, and offer guidance toward a revised financial strategy that best fits your needs.

The program has three components:

  1. An online video to provide some finance context, setting the stage for 2) and 3).
  2. An online conversation pit, with financial experts weighing in on the discussions.
  3. Weekly live webcasts led by a seasoned financial advisor to answer your questions.

The video and conversation pit are available now, and the weekly webcasts are set for Thursdays at 7:00pm beginning May 14th

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Program Leaders: